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Justice For Ava. Sandusky ohio loose dogs killed my cat.

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A man on my street has multiple dogs that often get loose.  We call animal control and the police and nothing is done.  They give the dogs back even though he has gotten multiple citations for the dogs. September 14th 2017 two of his dogs came in my yard and attacked a cat. Ava was technically a stray but I have been caring for her. She refused to come inside no matter how hard I tried.  My yard was her home.  Ava was in my yard lying in the grass when the dogs came in and attacked killing her.  The dogs owner finally came down and had to call the dogs off Ava. He then acted like it was no big deal his dogs killed her.  Police and the dog warden came and did nothing.  They went to his house and that was it.  His dogs had just viciously and violently attacked Ava and they wanted to give me a ticket because ava was outside and her being outside they considered her also as an animal at large.  They said if they wrote him a ticket they would have to do the same for me even though she was lying in my grass, she was not at large, his dogs were. We took the ticket which is $40 plus court fees cuz we absolutely will take this to court.  His ticket we were told by the authorities is only $25. So much about this seems so wrong.  His dogs attacked and killed her he gets to keep his dogs and gets a $25 ticket while Im heart broken and emotionally distressed and get a ticket more expensive than his.  

This has been an on going issue with these dogs.  They were loose twice this week alone and we were told all we can do is call them when they are loose.  Well so far that has done absolutely nothing.  I honestly feel that the dog warden should lose her job.  How many pets have to die before something is done?  What's next?  Our children?  My street is not safe with this man being allowed to continue owning dogs he refuses to contain.  Next time it will be a child that gets attacked and it will be the dog wardens fault for not doing her job.  The residents of Taylor street are tired of his loose dogs running around and we fear even more now for the safety of the kids and animals.  Something needs to change! Had something been done after the several citations for the dogs being loose Ava would still be alive.  

I want this petition to reach Eric Wobser the city manager of sandusky.  I want the dog warden to lose her job because frankly the residents of Taylor street feel she hasn't done her job. I want the dog owner to lose his dogs and be banned from owning any more.  I do not want the dogs euthanized I whole heartedly feel it's not too late for rehabilitation for them.  

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