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Petition for the Prosecution of the Owners of Neptune's Gardens for Animal Abuse

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We are asking the City of Batavia, New York to investigate and report Neptune's Gardens Pet Store in regards to the animal remains that were found in their basement inside of a cardboard box. We care about our animals and their treatment. The owners of Neptune's Gardens should be charged with this crime and be stripped of their licensing.

We are asking that this issue be sent to the Attorney General of NYS so that they may intervene with this investigation, because animal abuse has never been properly dealt with in our city.

These pet store owners deny their involvement and we want a proper investigation. We want these owners to face backlash for their actions.

There are even laws that prohibit improper disposal of animal remains and those were clearly broken. It is unacceptable to just forget about a dead animal, as these owners claim might have been what happened. We need our Pet Dealers to understand that these animals are important to us, each and every one!

"I've been debating whether I should or should not post this because it is so graphic and heartbreaking but I can not stop thinking about this sweet baby and what a horrible life and death it suffered. This is why I do not support pet stores. If you buy a dog or cat from a pet store, you are paying people to look at and treat pets as profit. People think shelters are a sad place to go to, but shelters are full of second chances and (at the funded, "good" ones) happy endings. Please stop buying animals from people who could consider your furry best friend, 100% disposable. I am absolutely sick.

Rest in Peace, furbaby♡"

-Testimonial of the Witness who Found the Animal Remains


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