Close the Boyfriend Loophole

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The Boyfriend Loophole is a little known loophole that can give abusive boyfriends the right to own a gun. This loophole has led to many deaths of women who were helpless and had no defense to their boyfriend with a gun. Here are some facts:

-93% of women were killed by a man they knew.

-Abused women are five times more likely to be killed by their abuser if heir abuser owns a firearm.

-55% of partner homicides in 2015 were committed with a gun.

-In 2011, two thirds of women who were killed by a gun were killed by their intimate partner.

There is an act, nicknamed "VAWA" (Violence Against Women Act) that has gotten passed. This would mean that an abuser, married or not, would not be able to buy a gun if they are convicted. We are hoping that this goes through and that no more women are senselessly killed by an abusive boyfriend. Please help us by signing this petition!