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Robert Beloten STOP Insurance Fraud and Racketeering by NY State Workers Compensation NOW!

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Robert Beloten, Chairman of the NY Workers Compensation Board MUST STEP DOWN for allowing FRAUD, RACKETEERING, CORRUPTION, DISCRIMINATION to go unchecked in the workers  compensation system for long enough. Senior Law Judge Stevenson MUST STEP DOWN for covering for Judge Clauderick Cole throughout the entire trial each time I filed a complaint against him requesting that he be removed from the case. I was discriminated against & then not only did the evidence disappear, but SWCLJ Stevenson removed Judge Cole AFTER I was forced to endure further abuse & ultimately was discriminated against by Judge Cole. Judge Clauderick Cole MUST STEP DOWN, for bullying me into taking I. Malik to represent me in November 2007 when my lawyer Alan Rothstein failed to show up, for yelling at me & trying to drown out my pleaseach time I requested a postponement of my hearing, or tried to raise a point of why I didn't feel comfortable with I. Malik taking my case sight unseen. For further bullying me into being silent during the January 7th 2010 hearing, verbally abusing me & yelling at me to be quiet when I tried to defend myself throughout the January 7th hearing & then ultimately discriminating & ruling against me on January 7th 2010 after suppressing medical & other evidence. They won't allow a hearing, they don't want to give me a lie detector test because they know they will have a scandal on their hands again. 

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Please show your support by lending your signature so we can put a stop to the crooked workers compensation system & insurance fraud which affects us all. Your government officials say that they are concerned about insurance fraud, but the truth is they are only concerned when YOU are committing it, not them. INJURIES  This could have happened to anyone who got injured at work. Judge Henry Stevenson allowed Judge Clauderick Cole to remain on my case, by empowering & enabling him by continuing to send letters back & forth to me, while copying the same letters back to Judge Cole before he was supposed to make a decision on whether I get life sustaining medical help despite me filing numerous complaints against Judge Cole to have him removed from the case for verbal abuse, bias & discrimination. My lawyer basically summed it up before he quit my case when he said verbatim "Mr. Di Pippo, if you or your Dad know a Senator, or someone with power, contact them & tell them what's going on & ask them to step in because you, basically you weren't treated fairly & you got rail roaded". He was 100% right. How do you expect someone who is suffering from a blood clot that's in his leg & slowly traveling up to his heart where it will kill him, to get a fair trial & decision from a Judge that he's reporting for abuse of power, verbal abuse, posturing in his chair as if he's going to get up & run around the bench & attack them, and staring at them if you're copying these letters back to this judge & basically covering for this type of behavior? I already spoke to Bryan Pile, Gov Cuomo, Senator Gilibrand, Carolyn Maloney, and 2 other "alleged" executives of the NY State workers compensation board, Madeline Pantzer, (head of the Judiciary Committee) who said "Mr. Di Pippo, I don't like where this conversation is going, I didn't do anything to you, please leave me out of this", then Mr. Garcia (Chief Shmooze artist) who said "I doubt anything is going to happen to my job because I was appointed by Gov Patterson" & "Mike, why don't you let this one go, why don't you let this one slide, this could get messy" who both tried to cover this up. According to the law, a Judge MUST recuse himself from the case if there is a conflict of interest that would question whether that Judge could make proper ethical decisions in regards to ruling whether a person should get the proper care. If the Judge does NOT recuse himself, then he must remain impartial. No NY State workers compensation employee is going to tell me that a Judge who is staring at you trying to intimidate you with his best warrior face for 2 whole minutes at the beginning of a case, causing everyone in the room to be feel awkward & uncomfortable as to why the judge is staring at a claimant, then starts to yell & scream at you throughout the case while smacking & punching the bench with his bare hands while pointing at you, posturing in his chair & then eventually smacking the bench so hard that his glasses fly off the bridge of his nose, is impartial. Our family now demands Judge Stevenson & Judge Cole to step down. We have enough evidence to prove corruption, discrimination, fraud, tampering with & discarding evidence while my case was in full board review while fraudulently claiming that evidence was sent back to me. Judge Cole was removed from the case only after he ruled against me on January 7th 2010 half way through the hearing. My name is Michael Di Pippo, a 911 first responder & injured worker who was almost killed because of the fraudulent NY Workers Compensation system. The NY Workers Compensation Board is complicit in facilitating, nurturing & harboring known criminal doctors called IME (independent medical examiners) who are paid by the insurance companies to defraud legitimate innocent injured claimants out of the proper care by filing fraudulent IME reports that claim they evaluated you for 20 minutes & had little to no injuries when you were never evaluated at all & you were only there for 3 minutes. We must take down these criminal organizations down with extreme prejudice. Everyone is aware of this & these criminals all work together from the doctors to the insurance companies, to their lawyers to the judges. If you say anything about it, or make any waves they make you pay by ruling against you despite overwhelming medical evidence because fraud is a way of life for these criminals. This is how they feed their children, their pet hamsters, dogs & cats. They are now claiming that a known criminal, a doctor who was caught committing fraud & perjury in the NY Supreme Court is more credible than me & my doctor. I think that it's time to teach these criminals a lesson once & for all. There's 12.75 million NY State citizens & over 300 million in the USA alone. Each of you have a special set of skills & connections. First, let's sign this petition to show solidarity, then we'll teach them a lesson about fraud, discrimination, racketeering & breaking the law. =) I was severely injured on August 2nd 2006 when I slipped on hydraulic fluid & fell off a crane. I broke my right hand, left wrist, tore tendons, knocked out 4 teeth, split my lip, face & head open, damaged my ribs, elbow, left foot, ankle knee & shin. By the time the workers compensation board is done getting you help in the beginning of your injury you already have 2 or 3 more causally related injuries because they drag everything out for months. My first insurance company AIG. They had the case for 5 months but never paid a penny towards bills etc. I kept getting billed for therapy, doctor visits, an XL Walker Boot, wrist braces etc. I called up to ask what the problem was & they said "Oh, workers compensation didn't tell you?" I said tell me what?? They said "We are not responsible for your injury, they knew about this for a long time" I called workers comp & they blamed AIG for waiting 5 months to tell me.Meanwhile I was suffering & my leg was getting worse. Finally after 5 months I was contacted by CRM, It wasn't long before CRM (Comp Risk Management) of Poughkeepsie, NY was caught committing fraud & sued for $400,000,000 by Governor Andrew Cuomo Then my case was taken away from them & given to Neuman Claims Administrators, of Buffalo, NY. I was told I had to fill out all the information again. I was neglected for 5 months before I could get any coverage. Then I was told I have to go see the insurance company's doctor Michael J Katz. I go there, his nurse hands me a clip board, I filled out the first of 4 pages, he never weighs me or even evaluates me & in under 3 - 4 minutes he says "you can go". I left. My Dad circled the block because there was no parking in Manhattan, NY. He rolls up & says "did you sign in?" I said i'm done. WHAT? he replies, yep, i'm done. I go home, a month or so later I get his report. In it he says he checked this part of my body, that part, my arms, my legs etc.. It's all a LIE. He never even evaluated me. I report this to the workers compensation board, my lawyer & documented everything. I developed a blood clot in my leg & i'm rushed to the hospital & need to spend 3 days there. I call up the insurance company & they say you have to go to see my doctor. I go & it's the same guy, Michael J Katz. I'm there about 3 - 4 minutes again. He says you can go, so I leave. We get the report & again, same report. He says he evaluated all these body parts that would require a minimum of 35 - 40 minutes. I report him again to my lawyer, NY workers compensation, the judge etc. The judge still ruled against me & the blood clot being causally related to the injuries I suffered despite the medical records from the emergency room visit & the MRI's confirming that I had damage & needed surgeries on both ankles & developed a tear in my knee. I told the judge the truth that this guy never even touched me, yet he has me down as weighing 240lbs, he claims he checked all these body parts & because he never checked me on the first visit in 2007 he says that I didn't have any .injuries that could've caused the blood clot in my leg, yet I went there with an XL Walker boot on that he never documented. My lawyer & I argue that he is lying, the medical records prove I was injured & they rule against me. I start filing complaints to NY Senator Gilibrand, Gov Cuomo, NY State workers compensation board etc. They all refuse to help me because this is a regular racket. You get injured, the doctor lies on his report, the insurance company doesn't have to pay for your injuries & NY State gets to tax that money. =( Then I get an anonymous call 1 day to look up Michael J Katz, with the keywords "Fraud"" & "Perjury", so I google him. OH MY GOD!! They finally caught him doing the same thing in the NY State Supreme Court that I reported him for in 2007, '08, '09 & 2010 at the deposition where I was ruled against by the judge. I made calls to everyone that refused to help me before & they all stood their ground because nobody wanted to admit what happened. On August 18th 2014 I collapsed in my home & almost died. Another blood clot developed in my other leg & almost killed me. I had to have emergency surgery, and I ended up losing my right leg because the damage was so bad that it cut off blood & oxygen to my leg. NY State is aware of these crooked doctors committing fraud & they don't care. Please sign my petition to get an investigation into my case & expose the NY workers compensation board for fraud, racketeering, discrimination & corruption. I am still in the hospital/rehab after 14 months. I'll be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. Please lend your signature as this could have happened to any one of us. Insurance fraud affects us all. Let's take out the NY workers compensation board with signatures & let them know that their little scam is public. Spread the news & share this link. Ask your friends to sign if they care to. Thank you in advance for your support. Our family is so devastated from this whole fraudulent situation that we will not stop until we get justice. I want to have a law passed called "Di Pippo's Law", which will require IME evaluations to be video & audio taped, and each side both the injured party & the IME doctor must have a witness so that instances of fraud & corruption like what happened to me will no longer be possible. If I can save just one person's life, then all i'm going through with losing a limb will not have been in vain. I don't condone violence, especially against innocent people because there is no winner in situations like that, but when someone has continued to report a crime against them that could possibly cause their own death while it's in the process of happening, then sending letters to people who are supposed to have executive power to help them that can quickly put an end to obvious documented instances, then plead with them to help & they're ignored, they've tried every possible legal humane avenue to address these problems, what else is there to do? All life is precious, but now I can see why people who are ignored to the point where they feel as if their lives are put in jeopardy & they feel insignificant and they know exactly what is happening to them & that it's illegal & others are getting away with committing crimes against them, they feel there's only one course of action left for them to do and they take the law into their own hands. Then & only then do the powers that be start saying "why did this happen?, this could have been avoided if they just reached out for help or asked or wrote or called.".. To Be Continued. We will be posting updates on our facebook pages & our new website as soon as it's complete. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart & I encourage you to fight & never give up. My father said it best. "When you''re right, keep up the fight, take out your opponents with extreme prejudice & sooner or later all others will join your plight". RIP decency, morals, good, honesty, values, lawfulness     

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