Metro: Ban Single-Use Plastic Packaging!

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Metro corporation continues to excessively employ pointless, single-use plastic packaging during production of many deli, bakery, cut fruit, produce, and to-go items. Although the company has taken measures to recover recyclable materials, there is little delegation to the reduction or ban of these products: 1,680 tons of plastic, 8,380 tons of multi material recyclables were accounted for as recovered in the 2016 report; Metro corporation has been listed as a well-known highly polluting company by the Conservation Council of New Brunswick and Greenpeace Canada. 

In light of the current, ongoing, and severe global climate crisis, there is an evident rising need to stop utilizing plastics as the primary source of packaging for food; Considering fresh produce, there is no need to re-wrap such items when it is protected by natural barriers in most cases, and can be washed prior to consumption. 

There have been steps taken world wide to reduce the use of plastics for food packaging and single-use plastic - including innovations of the avocado seed, hemp, and metal/glass alternatives. It is time that Metro follows along with global initiatives to improve the conditions of the planet and care for the world we are so grateful to live upon.

Many alternatives, such as bioplastics, are becoming increasingly available and reasonably priced for the public! Hence, there is no need for the extensive use of re-wrapping produce in plastic, the use of plastic produce bags, and choice of clear and opaque [which is often non-recyclable or not accepted in industrial recycling] plastic packaging for retail and production. 

Please sign this petition as part of my initiative to achieve a world free of plastic pollution, and encourage Metro Corp. to ban the use of pointless plastics!

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