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The ugly utility poles are a blight on this great city. 47% of the utility lines are already undergrounded. The remaining need to be completed. San Francisco needs to adopt a plan this year to make this happen. Specific language needs to be added to @DavidChiu's Dig Once legislation to put all overhead lines currently on utility poles under ground. San Diego has a model. All major urban cities older than San Francisco have already done it (London, Paris, Hamburg, Rome).


One of the feedback from our supervisors is that we as citizens need to be willing to put up some money (i.e have skin in the game) to fund the completion of this. Every resident and business needs to contribute to make this happen. This is an infrastructure project but unlike a lot of others, this actually has an end point. We are working with the city to figure out the costs and timeline and there are multiple ways to do this with the key being to spread the cost out over time on a monthly basis. For example, San Diego residents pay about $3 a month in their utility bills. San Francisco may have to pay a bit more because of our terrain and cost structure but that should still be palatable. 

Your comments are regarding funding would greatly enhance the chances of this being done.

Letter to
Supervisor, District 1 Eric Mar
Supervisor, District 7 Norman Yee
Supervisor, District 4 Katy Tang
and 9 others
Supervisor, District 5 London Breed
Supervisor, District 3, President of the Board of Supervisors David Chiu
Supervisor, District 11 John Avalos
Supervisor, District 10 Malia Cohen
Supervisor, District 9 David Campos
Supervisor, District 8 Scott Wiener
Supervisor, District 6 Jane Kim
Supervisor, District 2 Mark Farrell
Mayor, City of San Francisco Edwin Lee
Finish Under-grounding of utility lines and remove poles. All the residential streets should be given the same priority for under-grounding of utility lines similar to what was done for Octavia Blvd. We would also like the Dig Once ordinance amended to include language to underground the electric and utility infrastructure.

This effort is supported by many neighborhood associations.

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