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Stop supporting SeaWorld animal cruelty

I used to live in Florida, so I'm very familiar with SeaWorld and some friends just tipped me off to what Groupon is doing to promote the cruel theme park. I've been aware of SeaWorld's cruelty for many years, but the documentary Blackfish has inspired the public to see that a world of cruelty is behind the company's fancy marketing. In a desperate attempt to attract customers, SeaWorld is turning to the online coupon site, Groupon for help. Let's tell Groupon to stop promoting SeaWorld's cruelty.

There are so many problems with the sinking ship that is SeaWorld that I don't know where to begin. It's a shame that Groupon is letting itself get dragged into this debate by a company that's seen stocks, investors, and visitors jumping overboard. SeaWorld is a billion dollar business, not a sanctuary, and at the end of the day, SeaWorld makes money by any means possible.

The orca Tilikum was caught in the wild decades ago and has been involved in three human deaths. He's the one featured in Blackfish. Imagine living in a swimming pool for your entire life. It's totally cruel. That's not how these very sensitive and smart animals are supposed to live. Beyond that, former trainers from SeaWorld are on record talking about how the poor safety standards risk human lives, yet SeaWorld is fighting to continue to risk workers' safety by keeping them in the water when studies show it's dangerous and deadly.

Country music legend Willie Nelson went on national television and talked about how he doesn't agree with the way SeaWorld treats these amazing orcas. Several bands listened to fans and decided to cancel shows planned for SeaWorld. On top of that, musicians like Joan Jett have said SeaWorld may not use their music in shows, and I just heard about schools starting to cancel field trips to SeaWorld.

Groupon, you're a cool site, but why are you letting your reputation be damaged by SeaWorld? Are a few hundred people buying SeaWorld tickets going to make up for all the people who will boycott you for supporting SeaWorld? Think about it, Groupon. And sit your staff down to watch Blackfish on Netflix. Or let me know if you want me to mail you a copy. It's worth the watch, and I promise you will never want to  take money to promote SeaWorld's animal abuse ever again.

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