Raise the current wage for Certified Nursing Assistants state-wide

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As the health care industry continues to grow, due to the increased need for health care facilities, Certified Nursing Assistants are rapidly climbing, and many are becoming State certified. Many individuals, from family members to management within a health care organization, often times view CNA's as those who are performing the undesirable tasks, and we are often referred to as "just CNA's". What many people don't realize is that CNA's are the individuals providing the necessary care, are the ones spending the most quality time with residents, who residents create a relationship with, and are the ones who residents confide in when they are feeling alone, scared, anxious, uncomfortable, or hurt. CNA's provide one-on-one care with their residents, and are, in many instances, the only "family" these residents come in contact with.

We may be, as CNA's, doing the "dirty work", but without the implementation of CNA's in nursing facilities, nursing facilities would likely become much more difficult to run effectively. Nursing facilities NEED CNA's, and yet we are considered the "bottom" and therefore receive the bottom level pay. As CNA's, we often work extremely hard, putting our residents needs before our own. Residents are often regularly toileted and fed, but at the same time the CNA's are having to hold it as their bladders fill, and often times have to continue to work long, stressful hours with little to no food or substance in their stomach.

For the amount of time and effort we put into caring for our residents, often times 40 or more hours each week, we deserve higher pay and more recognition as an extremely valuable asset to any health care organization. We deserve to be able to request time off, as many of us have families that we often times place on the "back burner" due to our dedication to our job.

I currently hold a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a major in Health Care Management, and am nearing completion of my Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership. I am nearing completion of my required courses to take my State and Federal Nursing Home Administration boards. As I currently work as a supervisor in my current organization, I still perform CNA duties, and see each and every day how hard each one of my employees work. We, as CNA's, not only need, but deserve better pay. We may be at the bottom of the totem pole, but a team can not function without the "bottom layer".

Without CNA's or Resident Aides, nursing facilities would cease to run as effectively, efficiently, or as smooth as most do. We have our difficult days, but we also have our days were the entire shift runs extremely smooth. We ensure our residents are fed, bathed, toileted, happy, healthy, safe, and content with their care being provided.

We are SO much more than "just CNA's". We are the patients friends, we are the ones who they completely rely on for care, we are the face they see first thing in the morning, and the face they see when they close their eyes at night. We are the ones who hold their hands when they are afraid or anxious, or when they are missing their family, we are the ones who comfort them during their final moments in life.

Please, whether you work as a CNA, work in health care, or know someone who works in health care, please help me with this petition. You are all greatly appreciated, and I think each and every one of you!



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