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Help Maya Akiko Balaji A076 515 271 Come Home to her Daughter Zoey

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My 10-year-old daughter Zoey has lost her mother to a broken immigration system. An immigration judge, Marsha K. Nettles, ruled Zoey’s mother could remain in the United States to help raise our daughter. But in a horrifying move, the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) has decided to reverse the decision proceed with deportation.  We are asking United States Attorney Eric Holder to honor Judge Nettles ruling and return Zoey’s mother to the US.

My name is David Truedell, and 12 years ago I met a lovely exchange student named Maya. We fell in love and had a beautiful baby girl, Zoey. Unfortunately, our relationship ended. Yet, I still have love for Maya and want our daughter to grow up with both parents giving her guidance and life experience. Judge Nettles agreed when she heard our immigration case, seeing the love we share for each other and the value in having Zoey’s mother by her side.

The BIA, however, did not agree. All they could see was Maya’s past. When Maya was younger, she got involved with a very abusive relationship with a man who introduced her to drugs. The relationship resulted in entanglements with the police. Maya eventually escaped the toxic relationship, cleaned up, and became the women Zoey and I love. This was not enough for the BIA. They felt her past, no matter how long ago and who she was now, should result in her deportation.

The BIA has appealed Judge Nettles ruling, and we don’t know what the future holds. Maya has only known the United States since she was 18 and has lost her connection to her birth country of India. If she is deported, not only will she have to start her life over, our daughter will be forced to travel back and forth from India every year. The instability and financial cost will be enormous.

Every parent wants the best for their child. Zoey having her mother is what is best. My daughter deserves to have her mother by her side and I will fight to make sure that happens. Please join me in asking the United States Attorney General Eric Holder to  reverse the decision to remove Maya and let the Honorable Judge Maratha K Nettles’ decision stand. Please sign and share the petition today.

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