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Florida Governor Rick Scott appears clearly to have broken voting-rights-related laws.

Here is why federal marshals must immediately arrest Governor Scott in public.

Governor Scott successfully set up and carried out a purge of legitimate voters; if he faces no personal criminal justice consequences, then the message sent to other elected officials, and election officials, will be that they too can gain illegal advantages for their candidates without facing any criminal justice consequences.

To reiterate the point; if there is no deterrent arrest of Governor Scott, there will be no deterrent, period, on other efforts around the country to steal the 2012 election.

The illegal scheme by which Governor Scott attempted to trim voter registration lists of his political opposition -- Democrats -- was predicated on telling actual U.S. citizens, registered to vote, that they were not citizens, and that if they believed they had received the letter in error, that they had to arrange for and to attend a special hearing to demonstrate their citizenship and their eligibility to vote. If they did not respond within a certain tight deadline, they would be removed from voter registration lists. With malice aforethought, and in violation of voting-rights-laws -- that is to say, with apparent criminal intent -- Governor Scott was counting on an election-throwing number of his victims being booted off of voter registration lists, for a number of reasons, for example 1) mis-delivered letters, and/or 2) letters intentionally sent to wrong addresses, resulting in automatic removal of a legitimate voter from the registration lists. Even if every last determined registered voter were to have attended the unnecessary and fraudulent hearings, and been certified as eligible to vote, there is no reason the victims should ever have suffered this burden.

Even after the Department of Justice sent Governor Scott a cease and desist letter, he announced an intention to continue breaking voting-rights-related laws. In criminal law, intent is crucial. Governor Scott's announced intent to continue violating laws, after receiving a DOJ cease and desist letter, suggests he was aware that his illegal activities were illegal, before he received the letter. In any event, ignorance of the law would be not be exculpatory in a criminal justice setting.

Independently of the governor, Florida election officials have announced that they will be obeying the DOJ letter, out of fear of personal criminal justice consequences, as well as out of concerns to preserve the integrity of election results -- concerns Governor Scott manifestly does not share.

Federal marshals must immediately arrest Florida’s Governor Rick Scott for breaking various voting-rights-related laws, as a deterrent to others breaking laws in similar ways, and in order to restore public trust in the integrity of the voting system.

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