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Petitioning Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States

Ask Eric Holder to file suit against Governor McCrory and the NC General Assembly charging that the intent of the recent voting regulation laws set to go into effect amounts to discrimination.


North Carolina has, according to the Board of Elections, one case of voter fraud for every 15 million votes. This does not amount to a problem that requires the extensive changes to North Carolina's voting regulations that are set to go into effect. The actual effect will be a far-reaching disenfranchisement of minority voters in NC. Limiting early voting, requiring ID, and the myriad other changes to the mechanism by which North Carolinians exercise their right to vote are designed to do nothing but suppress voting by the same folks that the Voting Rights Act of 1965 sought to protect.


The Attorney General's office has sought to sue the state of Texas over its recent less restrictive voter regulations and its redistricting efforts. If the Justice Department supports the already filed suits in NC, it will lend more credence and weight to the work of those dedicated North Carolinians who believe that everyone should have more easily accessed polling places, not less. Some 40 counties in NC, before the repeal of section 4B of the VRA 65, were required to get pre-clearance for any changes in voting regulations. Only one of those counties ever applied for a bail out (as it was referred to) from those pre-clearance rules, ostensibly because only one could prove that it had not discriminated against minorities in ten years. Not much in those counties has changed on this score, one has to assume.


Unfortunately, the NC General Assembly has seen fit to pass statewide voting regulations, that unless repealed, will have the net effect of discrimination. It is up to you and I to bear witness to this subjugation of American citizens and ask the Justice Department to stand with us in opposing it. 


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  • Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States

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