Petition Mandated Masks in Indiana

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At the time of this update COVID-19 has killed in excess of 138,000 deaths in the United States and deviated the economy. Businesses have closed and we have distanced ourselves from our friends and families. It is in all our interest to STOP the spread of the disease. 

Models of COVID-19 transmission show that if a sufficient proportion of people wear effective masks that the infection will burn out. Countries which have enacted mask laws or have a culture where mask use is the norm, have generally outperformed their counterparts in suppressing transmission, and scientific studies have shown that masks act as a barrier to transmission. 

In order to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in Indiana the general public should be expected to wear masks in public indoor, or enclosed spaces and outdoors when social distancing can’t be maintained.  

As time is of the essence to achieve this change of behavior we need government to act to ensure Hoosiers are mandated to wear masks outside of their homes.