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Legalize the sale, possession, and use of CBD Oil in Indiana and make the law clear

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I, like many, suffer from chronic pain due to Fibromyalgia. The pain can be absolutely debilitating.There are days when I can't even stand the weight of my clothes on my body, my feet can not touch the ground without the feeling that I am walking on a thousand needles and my entire body feels like it is buzzing with pain. The medicine that they prescribe to me does nothing to lesson the pain. My mother, a retail worker on the verge of retirement, has been diagnosed with sciatica so bad that after a 4 hour shift, she can't even make it to the car without breaking down and crying from the pain. She has tried several types of prescription medication with absolutely no relief. She ends up being forced to call off for the next two to three days after a shift, losing out on the additional money needed to pay bills.

CBD oil is an oil derived from hemp that has several health benefits. It is a natural pain reliever that eliminates the need for opioids. It can also help people quit smoking and even helps in the fight against cancer. However, there is fear and ignorance surrounding this amazing oil. Since hemp is a product of the cannabis plant, often modified for use as marijuana, it is thought to be a dangerous mind altering drug. In reality, hemp products have been used for years and are perfectly safe and legal, containing little to no THC, the mind altering ingredient in marijuana. It is the fear and ignorance that has led the Governor of Indiana to take action against CBD oil, essentially making it illegal. The big problem is, the law in Indiana is unclear, even law enforcement officials don't exactly agree on how to enforce it. It is time to clear things up, join the rest of the country and make the sale, possession and use of CBD oil (containing .3 or less THC) completely legal.

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