Indiana Teachers to Protect Students by Carrying Firearms

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In wake of the several unfortunate school shootings in the past years, something needs to happen to ensure the safety of Hoosier students. Legally empowering our state's teachers to defend themselves and our students could prevent (or reduce) one of those tragedies from occurring to our children. In light of the Tennessee recruiting office shooting, the U.S. Army as well as the Indiana Army National Guard began training active service members in Concealed Carry in partnership with the NRA. I feel a similar program should be developed and implemented for our educators to where they are able to submit mental fitness evaluation, weapon/ conceal carry training, and background checks to carry on school grounds. Hoosiers are strong people and our children are our future. Ensuring their safety by giving tools and resources to subdue, minimize, or eliminate threats in these situations should be a top priority for Hoosier leaders.