Indiana Schools Should Void 4th Quarter Grading and Pass All 2019/2020 Classes

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The Indiana Public Education System has struggled with the recent COVID-19 Pandemic. The schools have started "distance learning" (also known as e-learning) which is fairly new and poorly implemented to students and teachers. The schools are forcing teachers to put as much homework as they can, to keep students occupied even though most students have not been putting in as much effort as one may assume. Considering the cancellation of finals, there is no real reasonable reason that students should continue with the extra workload if the educational experiencing is ineffective at home. The workload along with the stress and anxiety placed on students and teachers does not create a healthy environment for learning to take place. Without the ability to be in direct contact with a teacher, students are not as willing to work and find it harder to grasp the concepts. Instead of maintaining a good grade, many will struggle to uphold their grades without being able to fully grasp an understanding of the lectures they're being taught or forced to review without an effective in-person experience. This petition was initiated in hopes of getting our GPA for the 4th quarter voided and receiving our credits in full for this 2nd semester. Students should not be penalized for a global issue that is now fully out of control.