Make Plazma Burst 2 Staff Team respect Bananas and all fruits.

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During a nice afternoon in December 3, 2017 the Moderation Team of the Flash Game Series Plazma Burst shared an update for the advanced level editor in the official Discord Server, which featured a darker colors, this simple change could help players who are sensitive to light colors, specially during the dark.

Unfornately, the announcement caused a bunch of tension over the "@everyone" tag, which apart from being bad itself, an innocent casualty was executed in cold blood.

User "Bi-han87" shared a banana which was with no justification possible provided forced to meet it's end, the same user later asked the question which remained unanswered, as 6 other users were wondering of the same question.

I have made this petition to promote the awareness of this act, as the same team has made questionable choices (Such as replacing yellow heads with only a Marine's helmet from the emote list from the Site Chatroom, providing discrimination against people from Asian race and people unable to afford protective helmets.)