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Outlaw the removal of monuments to soldiers in Missouri

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Recently we have seen the typical response of the new American left wing. Hysterical hand-wringing, threats and violence to those who the disagree with, and then the ensuing search for something to be offended by to fire up their ever fickle base.

The most recent thing the left has chosen to be offended by is monuments to confederate soldiers who were killed during the American Civil War. The left defames these individuals as "Racists" "Slave Owners" and all kinds of other names which white wash the many issues that the Civil War was fought over.

We ask the Missouri State Government to take similar steps to those taken in Alabama. We must prevent history from being hidden away somewhere convenient where it can't hurt fragile liberal feelings.

The left's current strategy of bullying those who they disagree with is a dangerous trend and can not be allowed to continue in our state, or any other.

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