Lincoln Heights AGAINST removing 5 parking lots and replacing them with developments

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We, the resident, business owners and stakeholders of Lincoln Heights and Council District 1 were shocked to find out five lots from our community were given up for use to be developed without the consideration to gather our position by our council member.  Twelve lots, out of approximately 120 owned by the City of Los Angeles are to be developed for housing.  Among 13 council districts in the City, five of those 12 lots being developed are located in the community of Lincoln Heights. The disproportionate allocation of developments proves consistent with the lack of representation we have received from our representative from day one.  Our  leader has failed us and we are fed up.  We will not stand for disproportionate distribution of developments.  We will not take this without a fight.  


This petition tells the Mayor and Councilmember we DO NOT want the five lots in Lincoln Heights to be developed.  Those lots are at capacity every single day at all hours of the day.  Our businesses rely on the parking to bring in consumers in order for them to stay afloat.  Additionally, we already have a traffic problem in our community and do not need additional residents being brought into an already overcrowded community where even street parking is non-existent to residents.  The developments are not a fit here.  They aesthetically do not belong here.  We do not want them.  Take them somewhere else. 


Gil Cedillo, obviously, does not speak for us.  He never has.  He is speaking for his own interests.  Go ahead and overdevelop the rest of the city but leave our Lincoln Heights community's character in tact.


Build elsewhere.