Fire Police Chief Moore

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35k and counting.

We’ve come along way and could not have done it with out each and everyone of you. Choosing to make a difference in your community is easier than you think, obtaining results is the hard part. Together we can make the change we want to see in our communities. Sending strong statements like removing police Chiefs from position of power When that power is being abused. We need to set an example that you cannot continue to abuse, mistreat, neglect and treat citizens like criminals and animals all because they woke up with a gun and a badge... once this petition reaches 100k 250k and 500k it’ll be sent into the Mayors office. I wanted to show the growth and momentum we have here. A group of calm, peaceful strong minded individuals who chose to make change with words as weapons. Together we fight. Let’s continue to grow this petition and make change together. Thank you. 

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2 years ago