Calling for the resignation of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

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As peaceful protests calling for justice for the death of George Floyd continue to arise in the city and county, spotlighting the numerous issues and problems surrounding police abuse and corruption; Mayor Eric Garcetti has made it clear that he is on the wrong side of history.

As protests continue to unravel, Mayor Eric Garcetti has shown that he cannot handle the responsibility as mayor and is embarrassed to admit he has lost control of his city, instead enforcing county wide curfews less than an hours notice and giving orders to the LAPD to use aggressive force on not only to those who are caught after, but also attack and endanger those who are obeying curfews by peacefully protesting during the day. 

As the city of Los Angeles continues to struggle with its own socioeconomic problems due to lack of proper funding to programs and avenues dire to keeping the prosperity of the city alive, today, June 2nd of 2020, the Los Angeles council board, along with the Mayor, signed unanimously to give half of the city budget to the police department, making it a total and disappointing loss to the residents and overall livelihood of the city he is supposed to serve and protect. It is time for Mayor Eric Garcetti to own up to his problems and take accountability for the rapid problems the city endures daily, and resign as Mayor of Los Angeles indefinitely.