Don't hurt Blythe's fragile economy.

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The county is working on doing two things to us that will devastate our little town at the worst possible time. The city has been trying to work with the county, but we have not made any progress, so I am counting on you to make some noise like we all know you can!

What they are planning, the second one is the big one.

1.       Close the Blythe Animal Shelter. The county is planning on closing some shelters in Riverside, but it is not like we can just go 10-30 miles to an animal shelter in the next city like many in Riverside county can. This closing will also create another vacant building (next to the freeway), is cruel to the animals, (fewer adoptions for one), and more JOBS lost for Blythe.

2.       Renting out the airport, ending Blythe income. By renting out the airport to store unused aircraft for airlines, the county will put an end to one of Blythe’s biggest sources of income.

What this means, and why should you care?

Because you or someone you know will be financially hurt by the county’s plans. Did you know organizations like the British Royal Air Force and others use the airport for things like parachute training and more? They rent hotel rooms for weeks and weeks at a time, shop in our stores, eat in our restaurants and more. We estimate just one of these groups, the British Royal Air Force alone brings an additional $3 million into Blythe's economy each year. The loss of all these visitors would be a massive hit for a small economy like ours.

What can you do?

1.       Share this with every person you can right now, and ask them to do the same as soon as possible.

2.       Contact Riverside County Board of Supervisor, >>>MANUEL PEREZ<<<, at 760-863-8211. Also, email him now at and let him know you care, and you vote!

3.       Contact Manuel Perez’s chief is staff Steven Hernandez: and Esmeralda: and let them know you care and you vote!

Many of you have already helped, and WE THANK YOU! For those that are just now finding out, do not wait, send an email now and call every day this week, tell a friend and share this with everyone in all your social media apps, don’t wait.

Thank you.