Allow Walmart’s in nyc

Allow Walmart’s in nyc

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Started by Hector Martinez

New York City has millions of consumers who sustain large and small retailers. These businesses’ continued co-existence here is proof that the “extinction” threat simply doesn’t hold in densely populated areas.

Costco thrives in the city without severe impact to large or small retailers. Home Depot and Lowes have each established a strong presence in our local economy, while patrons still support many neighborhood hardware stores.

And out on Long Island, with its sizable population and diverse demographics, Walmart stores exist without a deadly impact on jobs and established retailers.

By blocking Walmart from entering the city’s economy, the special-interest groups are exhibiting the same selfishness that they accuse Walmart of.

Walmart saves middle- and low-income consumers money on everyday items and basic essentials. It’s especially valuable to those on fixed incomes and public assistance, who benefit by stretching their budgets to get more for less.

America’s largest retailer can contribute to underdeveloped neighborhoods as the “anchor” of economic expansion plans, such as new shopping centers that also house small businesses and a myriad of franchises.

Areas like my old neighborhood in East New York could richly benefit, because Walmart can provide affordable and healthy fruits and vegetables to low-income families now trapped in “food deserts.” 

23 have signed. Let’s get to 25!