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HELP Stop Corporate Noise Pollution, WE NEED SLEEP!

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The noise of a local commercial operation is degrading our environment and severely impacting our well-being.  Loud beeping noises described as OSHA required backup alarms used for safety, have been disturbing a large number of Englewood, Colorado residents throughout the night.  Several residents have registered their complaints with local law enforcement to no avail. The obnoxious nighttime intruder persists!  The timeframe of the known noise complaints range from 2:00-7:00a.m.

In addition to sleep deprivation, the documented effects of noise pollution are alarming and include impaired school and work performance, negative social behavior, cardiovascular disturbances, reduced productivity, impaired teaching and learning, absenteeism, increased drug use, and accidents.  The effects of noise on health have been compared to the effects of chronic stress.  Englewood residents have been suffering from the impact of the beeps for many years.

As of May 24, 2017, according to Englewood Council Member Gillit, "We have confirmed that it is Waste Management that is causing all the noise in the middle of the night. They are moving/spreading waste in the evening/early morning to be ready for the trucks to bring more trash the next day. Our City Manager Mr. Keck is hot on the trail with their upper management and is trying to work a resolution tho this issue." 

The beeps persist!


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