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Palestine al quds

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Mr. Donald trump, you validate it because you think the palestine is in the wrong side, in fact you have been mistaken. Your knowledge is much wider than I am just an ordinary society.
What you decide is really an action that is not very suitable to your position (sorry). America is a democratic country, imagine if the capital of the United States moves to Canada, you agree? Of course not the answer. Do you have a sense of empathy in your soul?
You know for decades the Palestinians and Israel are fighting over Jerusalem, Well that's true. You seem to have to learn to know the truth. Do not immediately accept the raw news that reaches you. You are a person who has a high intellectual but very unfortunate you are so far in filtering the argument.
You are already trapped in your political world. Do you know? We will continue to embrace the Palestinians for Jerusalem or vice versa. No matter your pattern of trying to change it, we will continue with the Palestinians to reclaim their rights, we have the power connected to our Lord, the great God. Do you know? The sadness of the Palestinians is the sadness of the whole world, The sadness of Jerusalem is the sadness of all Muslims. You should be able to imagine what if you are one of the Palestinians. You should seek information about the history of Palestine, not just the history of Israel that you understand.
Indeed, I'm only an 18-year-old girl, maybe this looks just a silliness because very clearly the words I say are not from intellectual circles. But try not to look in one eye. Are not eyes created 2 pairs.

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