Petition to abolish the agreements made between dfo and ERB band.

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This petition is for everyone who disagrees with the fishing agreements made between dfo and the band years ago , Fighting for our rights to fish salmon and lobster ,  and the right to exercise our fishing rights freely,  just like are treaty rights state.  if we let this go on, we will lose or rights slowly every year they take something from our people.  This is just one of our treaty rights  Under the Peace and Friendship Treaties of 1760 and 1761 in the Maritimes, the Mi'kmaq and the Maliseet signatories did not surrender rights to lands or resources. Today, the Mi'kmaq and the Maliseet First Nations maintain that they continue to hold Aboriginal rights and title throughout their traditional territory. Also, the Supreme Court ruling in the Marshall decision confirmed that the Mi'kmaq and Maliseet possess a treaty right to hunt, fish, and gather for a moderate livelihood.