Erasmus University Cup Sharing Program

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Have you ever wondered where all your coffee/tea cups go after drinking them, do you actually think they are recycled?

Did you know that regular to-go cups are lined with a thin layer of plastic to waterproof them? This makes it hard to separate them and they cannot enter the recycling systems, making it more expensive and time-consuming. At the end of the day, they end up either burnt or buried in landfills.

As part of the initiative for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG´s), Action Campaign, the Erasmus Sustainability Hub (ESH) is working together with four highly motivated students and many volunteers, with the focus of reducing the disposable use of plastic on campus; a problem that has not been yet attended. Fortunately, our ambassadors for the SDGs # 11&12 want to change how we consume on campus. We are The Post Plastic Generation!

Our first goal is to create a CUP SHARING PROGRAM, and we need your support!

The idea is to have mugs around strategic points (coffee/tea machines) for everyone to use on EUR Campus. The mugs then will be collected and cleaned by the university, only to be placed again so you can use it as many times as needed. Be part of our program and find out our special rewards!

A recent survey (2018) performed at the EUR campus for 3 weeks and a total of 763 respondents revealed:

° that 61% of respondents consume from Spar or Food Plaza from 1 to 5 times a week, and that 51% of plastic disposables they use are disposable cups.

° that 36% of respondents use 1 to 3 cups a week,  21% of respondents use 3 to 5 cups per week, and that 20% of respondents even use more than 5 cups per week!

° that 78% of total respondents would use a travel mug if provided with one.

° that 81% of disposable cup users would prefer to use a mug if they could choose when buying their preferred drink.

We are tired of trash, we are tired of PLASTIC!

If you feel the same way, sign this petition, and help us and our University to be one step closer to becoming PLASTIC FREE!

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If you want to understand better what a cup sharing program is; follow this link and see a good example. 

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