Eradication of poverty in Mombasa

Eradication of poverty in Mombasa

11 May 2022
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Started by Anahita Sindhwani

Anahita, Ammaarah, Ayman and Jude

AgaKhan Academy 



27th April 2022

Subject: Eradication of Poverty in Mombasa

Dear Social councillor of Mombasa

Good day, hope you are doing well. Today we want to address a colossal problem which has suddenly reached its peak and can go no further. People are suffering and dying because of this atrocious problem. POVERTY is what is causing all this pain to people and we hate to see people suffering because at the end of the day we are all a family. How would you feel if your family was in pain, suffering, starving and unsafe? The universe is giving you a sign to help these people in pain and as a governor it is your duty and responsibility to help these people. We have come up with a few solutions to support this problem. 

So, as you have heard our problem and the weight of the situation- We have provided a few solutions to help eradicate this substantial problem. The first solution is simple yet efficient, if this is achieved we could provide children with proper education and health care services. Our plan to get this money will come from the citizens who will pay 5- 10 shillings every purchase they make(exempting the people who are experiencing poverty), this will run for 6 months. Our goal by the end of these 6 months is to accumulate at least 100,000 shillings. This is our first solution, 

Our second solution (which is a part of the first one) is to assist these unemployed people and help them sustain on their own, by purchasing an agriculture friendly piece of land (7000 Sq ft), (which will come from our funding plan) which they can farm, grow fruits and vegetables etc, or build a small shelter for themselves where they can work, earn and fend for themselves. All this will help improve the occupation status of the people and benefit the economy 

To conclude this message we would like to make sure that you understand the importance and weight of our ideas and insure that you will support us in future times with this project due to the fact that it is necessary to improve the quality of life to raise the human development index and we have proposed a number of efficient ways to improve the quality of life for the less fortunate. 


Anahita Sindhwani, Ammaarah Natha, Ayman Ladha and Jude Majanja 


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Signatures: 84Next Goal: 100
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