Eradicate water wastage caused by RO water purifiers

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With water shortage increasing at an alarming rate, Cape town followed by many other prominent cities will soon run out of water. 

It has been a cause of major discomfort in me, knowing that my city, home , Bengaluru will soon be one among the cities where there is a shortage of let alone drinking water, but also water of any form. 

Where industrialisation and growth have been taking place rapidly. There's something we're all forgetting. Industrialisation, economy and nothing else will matter once there's no Bengaluru left anymore, once there are no people left anymore.

I can't stand the thought of my home town going through such a major crisis. But everyday I watch gallons of water run down my RO purifier leading excess wastage. For every  litre of water purified, 3 litres of water are going for a waste. Let's assume 5 out of every 10 houses have RO purifiers, the amount of water just going down the sink could save several lives. 

The water purifier companies should come up with some technique to minimise; more like eradicate water wastage. No matter what anyone says about reusing that water, it sure does take a lot of effort and time, to collect that water and then carry it to the washing areas/washrooms, gardens etc.  We all know how busy our urban lives can get and it is close to impossible to dedicate so much time and manual effort towards it. 

It already is very late, but if together you and I can make a difference, let us stand up for it and call for a change.