to request at least equity minimum daily rates and buyouts for commercial work.

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There is a crisis in the acting community, fewer and fewer people from low income and working class areas are able to access the industry, are able to make a living in the industry and therefore more and more working class actors are being forced out of the industry. You may have seen headlines that describe how only the elite are able to sustain themselves whilst looking for work and by and large this is an unfortunate truth.

As actors we train hard to ensure that we are not only able to secure employment for ourselves, but able to provide our employers with quality work every time we step in front of a camera. In order to do this we actors who do not come from privileged backgrounds rely on advertising work, which in theory should pay well, in order to pay our bills and fund our training.

Acting work is sporadic at best and hard to come by, and as a group actors spend an inordinate amount of time training throughout their career. However employers are increasingly feeling that it is not necessary to pay them in line with the status of a skilled worker.

Equity (the union for actors and other performers) has clearly laid out very reasonable rates which actors are expected to be paid for their time. These are industry standard and not unaffordable for most companies looking to advertise products.

However, the 2nd biggest casting site in the UK falls out of line with this and only asks that employers compensate actors with a minimum wage of £70 a day! Of course some employers provide more than this, but when you take into consideration the fact that the website itself sets actors back £20 per month + agency fees for negotiating contracts and travel expenses you can see how the fees being offered can ill provide an actor with the finances with which to continue their career; especially when you consider that an actor is lucky to have 1 days work per week.

So I believe it is time that takes a stand with the rest of the industry and asks that advertising employers provide actors with AT LEAST equity minimum rates of pay for their time and effort.

With your signature we can work towards a world that provides more people from varying backgrounds to be represented in the acting community. If you believe that actors deserve a fair wage and want to see more diverse groups of people able to access the world of acting and make a living from it please stand with us and sign.