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● Creating a separate Class for ReShade ●

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❝Many may argue, that there aren't many ReShade users in the community and that this is complete nonsense, but in reality, more and more people are slowly getting ReShade just so they could have a fair shot in competitions & shows. For me, as for someone who is very busy with life and school, it's understandable that people use ReShade instead of really editing their photos or taking just a normal Unedited entry.The only problem I see here is that it doesn't give a fair shot to everyone included in those competitions & shows. Not everyone can run this mod, not everyone knows how to use it, so it's very hard for those people to compete with those who are lucky to run it. Since I've always seen unedited photos just as adding stirrups and reins to the photo, this seems kind of unfair to me. Reshade EDITS the photo for you, which is the reason I really dislike when this program is used in the unedited section. I love seeing people's photos where ReShade is used, because it adds a lot more realness to the picture, I just don't think it belongs to the unedited section, that's all I'm saying❞ ~ Cora Cosgrove.

● The more members sign this, the higher chance we can make a difference and bring back fair shows & competitions.

● ReShade may be just a mod, but it is a very heavy one, and not everyone can run it, that can cause shows to get quite unfair, especially for people who cannot run all of these heavy mods nor afford a computer that has the best graphics.

● All we want is to get a separate class for ReShade users, so they can compete there while everyone who choose to not use ReShade can fairly compete against each other without having to worry about how good their entry looks compared to other users who use ReShade.

● We just want showing to be enjoyable again, help us do that by signing this petition!

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