Equip ALL car seats with child sensor to prevent hot car deaths!

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An average of 37 kids die every year as a result of being left in hot cars. The Hot Cars Act of 2017 will help in the future but we need to put this to a stop now, as many of the vehicles that come equipped with these sensors will not be affordable for many Americans for years to come.  I would like to take an additional step by requiring all car seats be equipped with a child sensor as well.  Any future manufacture of car seats should include a sensor and sensors should be provided to those who already own car seats at no cost to parents. 

There is absolutely no need in any child ever dying of such a horrible death again.  In addition to this, the parents or caregivers who were responsible often face criminal charges in addition to the lifelong guilt and misery they must endure.  Some parents have even committed suicide.  No amount of education to the public will help, as most parents think they are not capable of "forgetting" a child.  We all know the risks and none of us think we could ever do it.  But it happens and it happened to me.  Fortunately, my daughter was not left for long and suffered no injuries as a result and was asleep the whole time.  I was one of those parents who thought "if you can forget your baby, you don't deserve to have one". I am a registered nurse with no criminal background.  I helped raise my nieces when my parents adopted them when I was a teenager and went on to have two daughters of my own. We moved to Florida to give our family a better life one month before that day.  I now risk jail time and loosing my nursing license. I think about what happened every day. I have learned that mistakes can and will happen to the best of us. I did not even know car set sensors were available, but had I known, I do not think I would have installed one because I knew I was a good parent and did not think I was capable of making this horrible mistake.

So as the summer months are approaching, I urge you to end this needless and tragic loss of life and misery.  Cars have a sensor to alert you if you are not buckled, why shouldn't your child's car seat have one to alert you if they are buckled.