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Stop down-grading credit scores due to home foreclosure or short sales.

Millions of people in the United States either have lost their home or will lose their home in the near future due to the economic crisis in this country.
Jobs have disappeared at an alarming rate and have left millions with little or no income, especially people between 40 and 60 years old. They are too young to retire and too old to be hired by most companies. They have very little chance of finding work and the banks are more than eager to take their homes away too.
Then to pile even more grief upon these people, when they lose their home they then lose the only thing they had left...their credit rating... and not for just a year or two, but up to 10 years.
Did the banks lose their credit rating when they were in financial difficulty, no. They were bailed out, paid no consequences, and they also get to borrow money at $0 interest rate.
By the time a homeowner is kicked to the street they have also racked up their credit cards and the interest rate is as high as 29% most of the time.
Try renting even a small apartment with lousy credit, it's not easy. It's like the punishment just keeps on coming and at a time in their lives when things should be getting easier.
The only people paying for the gross mismanagement of our nation seem to be the poor and middle class. Not the banks, not the corporations and not the politicians.
I think it's time we stand up for ourselves and stop being pushed around by the credit bureaus and credit card companies. It's time to say enough is enough and we aren't going to pay any more.
The first step is to say "NO MORE DOWN-GRADING BY THE CREDIT BUREAUS DUE TO HOME FORECLOSURE OR SHORT SALE". and if you agree, please sign my petition and we'll take that first step together.

Thank you,

Robin Gallagher

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