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Equality: Urge the producers at FOX to stop treating Glee's LGBT characters unequally compared to their straight counterparts.

 **Note: This online petition is in no way associated with the "glee equity project" over on tumblr. 

Over the course of Glee Season 3, it has become evident to the fans that a double standard has formed between different couples on this show. We understand that Rachel is the protagonist of this show, and by association, so is Finn. But while Finn and Rachel’s public displays of affection (PDA), storylines and screen time have increased throughout the season and PDA, storylines, and screen time for other straight couples have remained stable, there has been a corresponding decline in the PDA, storylines, and screen time for Kurt and Blaine (Klaine) and Brittany and Santana (Brittana). Thus, this is the double standard; it is about unequal treatment of the characters.

There are many people that are greatly indignant about this. Thousands, even hundreds of thousands of fans of diverse age, gender and sexual orientation feel, or are, offended by this discriminatory policy, because to us, this means more than just not seeing our favorite couples kiss. This is about fairness and equality for everyone, not just Finn and Rachel, who have basically been so overdone that we have become fatigued and frustrated by their multiple kisses and excessive storylines.

We are not ignorant to the fact that many scenes between Kurt, Blaine, Brittany, and Santana have been cut in post-production. We are aware that the decision to cut the Box Scene–the scene where Blaine gives Kurt the gum-wrapper ring–was supposedly because of time constraints, but it was cut in favor of scenes between Finn and Rachel that did not have the impact or relationship development that the Box Scene would have. Also, the issue of gay couples not being comfortable with public affection has been brought up. We understand this; it is a part of real life. However, all of Brittana’s kisses this year were in public. Additionally, there were also many private and semi-private moments where Klaine and Brittana could have sneaked in a kiss; for example, in Blaine’s bedroom during “Ben” or in Miss Pillsbury’s office during “Dance with Somebody.”

Also, we understand that some couples like Tina-Mike and Will-Emma do not get as much screen time as Finn and Rachel do. While this is a different issue, their scenes, PDA and kisses are not deliberately cut out post-production. On the contrary, Will and Emma had a pretty racy sex scene during “Nationals”, despite eight o’clock being a “family hour”. We are not unaware of what has been going on, and we can tell the difference between censorship and honest editing.

Case in point: During "Nationals", three of the four power-couples on Glee celebrated with a kiss but, suspiciously, there was nothing from Kurt and Blaine. Nothing. All we saw was Kurt getting a hug from some random jock in the hallway. That is just one example of the double standard among the most evident, and we are frustrated by it.

By saying “we”, we do not just mean a few people. There are hundreds of thousands of fans that are outraged with the censorship of gay couples on Glee. This show used to send the message that being different made you special, but now, the message has changed. The message we are getting now is that if you are different, you are not special and you need to hide who you are. We are livid about the new message that is being delivered.

Glee has and continues to give people hope, but to who? The Rachel Berrys of the world? The Finn Hudsons? The Quinn Fabrays? A lot of fans feel extremely outraged seeing the gay couples on Glee blatantly censored. LGBT fans and straight fans alike are hurt by this censorship. We have heard many personal accounts about peoples’ opinions of gay people; their attitudes and beliefs are changing, growing or evolving because of Klaine and Brittana’s storylines, so this censorship hurts those fans. And as individual characters, Kurt, Blaine, Santana, and Brittany serve as role models. For example, Kurt encourages people to stand up and be the person they are meant to be and to be proud of who they are. This does not only apply to LGBT fans but to all fans across the orientation spectrum. This double standard and inequality is threatening a show that is meant to inspire people and relies heavily on the presence and well-being of Kurt and Blaine's and Brittany and Santana's romantic relationships and individual storylines. We cannot allow this to happen to a show that we love and that is doing so much for our society. That's where we come in. We no longer want the fans be hurt by the show that used to make them feel like they had something and someone to look up to.

What we are asking for is equality. We want to see their relationships, see how they interact romantically and how they treat one another. Even though most of the established couples are being separated for Season Four, if the straight couples get to visit each other and have Skype dates, we ask that the gay couples do as well. We want to see their love stories grow and mature. We have not seen much of that since “The First Time”, which is one of the most admirable episodes of Season 3. Glee made history with that episode, and then suddenly, everything changed.

We are not asking for a nude make out session between Klaine or Brittana. What we are asking for is that they be treated the same as straight couples. Let them show affection. Let them kiss, hug, give simple touches to each other, hold hands, and have more than two storylines that get resolved in one episode. Finn and Rachel have had storylines that have lasted many episodes before being resolved; their marriage storyline lasted twelve. They have kissed more times in one episode than Kurt, Blaine, Brittany, and Santana have kissed in their respective relationships ever.

This is not fair. It is not fair to the actors that portray these roles, whose careers might be affected by a lack of storylines; the characters should be properly represented instead of pushed into the background because of sexual orientation. The fans that look up to this show are being taught the wrong lesson. All we ask is that you treat everyone on the show equally. Do not tell the children who watch this inspiring show that being gay suddenly makes you worth less than someone who is straight, because by cutting out scenes between Kurt and Blaine and Brittany and Santana, that’s exactly what is happening.

–Elizabeth, Kat, Adam, and many other concerned fans

Letter to
Kevin Reilly @ 20th Century FOX
Dana Walden @ 20th Century FOX
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Kevin Reilly and Dana Walden @ 20th Century FOX.

Throughout Glee season 3, a troubling double standard has formed between different couples on the show. We accept that Rachel and Finn are the protagonists on Glee. However, as public displays of affection (PDA), kisses, storylines, and screen time has increased for Rachel and Finn and remained stable for minor straight couples, there has been a corresponding decline for Kurt, Blaine, Brittany, and Santana. This disturbing double standard demonstrates unequal treatment of the different couples.

This double standard has infuriated the fans. This discriminatory policy offends, or makes the diverse fan base feel offended and hurt. This is about equality between the couples and we are no longer seeing that equality. Did you know that a statistical analysis was performed, counting the number of times a straight or gay couple kissed in season 3? The conclusions showed a ratio of 40:6 kisses, straight to gay. This begs the question: where is the equality in this??? (

We are aware that scenes between Kurt, Blaine, Brittany, and Santana have been cut in post-production (i.e. the Klaine box scene from Extraordinary Merry Christmas). These scenes were replaced by scenes that had no real impact on anyone in the show, whether it be a couple or an individual. Additionally, scenes between minor couples like Tina-Mike or Will-Emma are not cut in post-production. Contextually important scenes, like the Klaine box scene, performed by the LGBT characters are being cut in favor of lesser or contextually unimportant scenes.

This gay bias, as it has been called in the entertainment media, hurts all fans across the orientation spectrum. Glee has been teaching acceptance and tolerance through the LGBT storylines. The attitudes and beliefs about gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders by the audience and society are changing, growing and evolving; this is one of Glee’s biggest successes! “The First Time” was a truly groundbreaking episode, but since it aired, Kurt and Blaine have quietly slipped back into the closet somewhat. Censoring these important LGBT characters and storylines creates a disservice to society. We no longer want the fans to be hurt by this disservice.

What we are asking for is equality. We want the LGBT couples to interact and show affection for each other as freely as the straight couples do. We are not asking for nude make out scenes between Kurt and Blaine or Brittany and Santana. We want them to show affection with non-overtly sexual gestures such as a simple touch to the knee or holding hands in the classroom. If Tina-Mike and Rachel-Finn are allowed to do this, why are Kurt-Blaine or Brittany-Santana not allowed to do this? Please stop trivializing Kurt and Blaine’s and Brittany and Santana’s relationships by reducing the amount of affection they show each other and by pushing them into minor roles in the background.

Thank you for your time.