Equality Under the Law for ALL Australians

Equality Under the Law for ALL Australians

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Started by Merrick Keane

EQUALITY Under The Law For ALL Australians, Please Sir/Madam.

Can we get 10,000 signatures?! Should Australian Public Officials, such as politicians and bureaucrats be subject to consequences, under Commonwealth and State laws, such as investigation and prosecution, if they are found to be breaking the law, in the same way as any other Australian citizen would be?

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The petition explanation and request immediately following is just 250 words long, as required by Australian parliamentary petitions. This petition, # EN4095, is available for signing on the Australian parliament's website until 28/04/22. Following this is additional explanation of the petition, originally prepared for Change.org. Thank you for taking the time.

"Much has been said about the need for a Federal Independent Anti-Corruption Commission; the Morrison government even has some draft legislation that's never been debated. All this fails to recognize that the instruments of integrity and accountability already exist within the current framework. These instruments begin with the PUBLIC SERVICE ACT 1999, Section 13, The APS Code Of Conduct.  Then there is the Office of Prime Minister and Cabinet's (the Australian government's) Statement of Ministerial Standards. Both of these instruments have an enormous amount to say about principles, values, integrity, fairness, accountability, the public interest etc. They should, in fact have all of this well-and-truly covered within the existing framework. Although most of us understand that none of these instruments are actually applied in real day-to-day practice. Most frighteningly of all, these 'special' Australians (as opposed to 'ordinary') Australians are allowed to carry out their business above and beyond any scrutiny from our LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES, so these 'special' Australians are protected within a lawless bubble, where any and all serious allegations of criminal misconduct are ignored, brushed aside and treated with contempt.

PETITION REQUEST; We therefore ask the House to insist that existing Codes, Standards and Laws are equally enforced - even against your special Australians.

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CHANGE.ORG (additional information) petition explanation, including further background and naming some actual perpetrators. 

(continuing from above) "Police are utilized by both State and Federal Governments to crush lawful dissenters, while official crimes are ignored.

Just try reporting crimes, with evidence, against high-ranking officials and you are more likely to get police harassment rather than a police investigation. 

FACT; hundreds of ordinary Australians are in prison today for lesser crimes, than the fraud, theft, graft and misappropriation, which is taking place every day among our special Australians.

There are many examples of this, such as Clover Moore/Angus Taylor, Christian Porter/Katherine Thornton, ATO whistleblower Richard Boyle, Bernard Collaery/Witness K, defence whistleblower David Mcbride, whose information not only led to the Brereton Enquiry, but also the AFP raids upon the ABC, News ltd and Annika Smethurst - who had her undies drawer searched and has now stepped aside from journalism. Again and again, law enforcement refuses to prosecute real crimes, while carrying out abusive over-reach against any politically embarrassing circumstance - being used as a sledge-hammer to smash the lives of individuals with bona-fide public interest information.

This has led to a situation where our parliament and public service are a law unto themselves. Actual bias, favouritism, nepotism and outright abuse are rife within the Australian Public Service, bringing us to the point where the Australian parliament is now one of the most dishonourable and unsafe workplaces in the entire country.

These are the same people who regularly tell us, "no one is above the law..."

If you would like to see real EQUALITY UNDER THE LAW apply to ALL Australian citizens, meaning real-life consequences UNDER THE LAW for our special Australians, the politicians and bureaucrats, please sign the petition.


Amanda Jane Stoker, 39, Senator from Queensland is also the Federal Assistant Minister for Women and Assistant Minister to the Attorney General. Stoker is also a criminal, committed to harming women who are politically inconvenient to her and openly breaking the law in order to conceal even more serious criminal misconduct, which Stoker is fully-aware is taking place within her portfolio departments. The dishonesty and hypocrisy of this person are breathtaking. Stoker is an individual wholly unfit for any public office or the legal profession. 

Stoker's accomplice, Joanna Virtue is/was Assistant Secretary (in charge) at the Attorney General's 'Integrity Law Branch' (you couldn't make this stuff up!). Ms Virtue is responsible for executing a years-long, highly-sophisticated fraud - the design of her former boss, the {alleged} rapist, Christian Porter, who leaves the parliament at this election, in disgrace. 

This is all about covering up multiple crimes, being carried out within the Offices of the Commonwealth Ombudsman (OCO) and the Australian Financial Securities Authority (AFSA). Both these are described by the Australian Government as 'integrity agencies'. The OCO is the primary interface between ordinary Australians with a grievance and the world of our special Australians, whom they protect. The OCO are essentially 'cleaners'; they exist to make official complaints go away - and they have nought to do with actual integrity. Under Commonwealth Ombudsman Michael Manthorpe, the OCO is no more than a $50million black-hole of official cover-up. 

Nesrin Avni of AFSA is Acting/Senior Advisor Parliamentary Complaints & Service Quality, Strategy & Planning (how's THAT for a title?!) Along with Paul Shaw, National Manager Enforcement & Regulation at AFSA Regulation, Avni has been the designer and instigator of vast amounts of fraudulent and conspiratorial actions and instruments; all this fraud, involving the theft and misappropriation of $millions, across years, is vast and easily proven. Avni is employed by the Federal government as a professional criminal. Dishonesty. Is. Her. Job.

These are just a few of hundreds of such 'special Australians' actually employed by the Federal government and Public Service for nefarious purposes. Based on the legal precedents of hundreds of ordinary Australians, some of these individuals must be facing prosecution and even imprisonment. But not unless we see CHANGE! please sign the petition if you want to see EQUALITY UNDER THE LAW FOR ALL AUSTRALIANS.

This petition will be provided to the Office of Prime Minister & Cabinet
The Office of the Home Affairs Minister
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Thank you.  




45 have signed. Let’s get to 50!