Strenghen Parental & Granparents Rights in Familiy Court

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Parental Rights

A mother automatically has parental responsibility for her child from birth. A father usually has parental responsibility if he's either: married to the child's mother. or listed on the birth certificate

Prior to the Children Act 1989 the courts recorded how custody orders were distributed.  Averaging the years 1985 to 1991 we get these figures:

Mothers                       73.7%

Fathers                        8.1%

Joint                            18.2%

an increasing incidence and increased judicial findings of parental alienation; they report estimates of parental alienation in 11 to 15 percent of divorces involving children

Parental alienation Not only affects The the Parents and Child But it also affects Extended Family Members Such as Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles Etc


Separation from children
Although women still tend to do the majority of the
caring for children, even where men are unemployed,
society is placing increased emphasis on men being
involved fathers. Separation from children appears to
be a significant factor in the suicide of some men.
When relationships fail, men are less likely to be
awarded custody of their children, more likely to be
displaced from the family home and have less access to
their children. This means the loss of another source of
masculine identity, status and respect, as well as adding
to the isolation of some men.

Brian, 50, from the West Midlands*


“Things started to go really downhill about five
years ago. I’d been with my partner 25 years
and we’ve got five kids. We were arguing all the
time, ended up getting into debt and eventually
I had to go bankrupt. As a lorry driver, I’m
always on the road and I think my partner was
cheating on me, which led to us splitting up.
“I enjoy driving a lorry. I like to keep myself to
myself, I’m my own gaffer. But I had a heart
attack while driving one day which was a total
shock. I was off sick for nine months and I got
the sack from my job. I was very depressed.
“My relationship with my three youngest
children is pretty non-existent; I’m not allowed
to see them and haven’t done for two years.
It’s hard.
“Not a lot of people know about depression.
When it hits, it’s like real loneliness. I feel fed
up and just completely tired of life and I can’t
see anything that’s good. One minute you’re
fine and then the next everything’s closing in
around you; you can’t cope. It’s unpredictable.
“Everything got on top of me and I tried to kill
myself. I thought my kids would be better off
without me. It didn’t work, and since then I’ve
been to see counsellors and they’ve probably
helped, just by having someone to talk to.
“I think it can be harder to talk to people and
especially people you know, it’s easier to talk
to a stranger. I’ve got a mate that I go and have
a drink with on a Saturday night, otherwise I’d
have nobody. At work I don’t talk to anyone,
just have a mess around when you do see them.
“I’m on antidepressants now and to cope I try
to keep active. I’ve been trying to get my life
together and I take each day as it comes.
I plod on.”

.These traits can interact with factors such as
deprivation, unemployment, social disconnection,
and triggering events such as relationship breakdown
or job loss, to increase suicide

although it isn't Clear according To The Statistics on Why the suicide Rates

For men Are Three Times Higher Than they are for  Woman

But what is Clear according to The Samaritans is Relationship Breakdowns

and Social isolation Is a Big Factor

according to the Samaritans 4.630 men have Taken Their own Lives

it's Time To address The the issue


misleading Or Being untruthful

it’ becoming more popular For the  applicant/Defendant To be Misleading in The family courts  and with Little or No efforts to correct This behaviour From The Family courts

it haves Damming effect that Compromises The verdict

my proposal To Correct This behaviour is to implement  Tougher legislation

to discourage either Party from being Misleading or untruthful

by either Fine or unpaid work





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