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Take NC's Amendment One to court.

The LGBT community of North Carolina is not yet ready to give up with out a fight. Amendment One is a slap in the face for us all and generations to come. We all should be equal and treat equal. Amendment One says other wise. It says that the LGBT community is 2nd class citizens that are not worthy of the same God given rights granted to our peers. Because of Amendment one hundreds of government benefits can be denied. Love is Love, it shouldn't matter how you slice it. We are all human and we all deserve the same rights and privileges. Equality NC has already admitted on several occasions defeat. Equality NC has made it clear that there is no intention to fight Amendment One, But yet, Equality NC prides it self in claiming to be a non-profit with the sole purpose of fighting for equal rights. This petition is to tell Equality NC to step over to the righteous side of history and help us all continue this battle and fight for all of our equal rights!

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    Equality NC to stop giving up on the fight against Amendment one
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