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Allow same-sex couples the same marriage rights as heterosexual couples.

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America is the land of the free, yet we insist on keeping certain rights from people simply based on their lifestyle. We all have the same emotions, so why not let everyone express their love through marriage? No matter what your race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or age is we should all be treated as equal. I know that change isn't always easy, but sometimes, life needs to move forward even if we are not ready. There are nine states that allow same-sex marriage, and many others that have some form of union for same-sex couples. Why shouldn’t same-sex couples be allowed to get married in all states? Why have our rights been taken away from us, just because we are “different” compared to what people think is “normal?” There are over 8.8 million people in America that are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, and they are all treated as though they are not American citizens. America allows all these immigrants into this country and they have more rights than the LGBT community. How is that fair? There are a few things that everyone could do to help this issues no longer be an issue. You can write your state’s congress and argue why you feel it is unconstitutional to take rights away from the LGBT community. You should also think about becoming more involved in the PRIDE festivals. You could raise awareness in your own community to help show others that we aren’t different at all. The biggest issue we have is the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) that is a federal law stating that marriage is between one man and one woman. If we were able to get the Supreme Court here our cases and get them to understand that it is unconstitutional, it would allow same-sex couples the right to federal benefits.

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