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Equality for all Americans

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"Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States.”

I’m a teacher as was my mother and grandmothers before me. I’m married to a retired military veteran who is proud to have served his country and we have many relatives who have served or are still serving in the military or in education today.  As a teacher, I try to be a positive example to my students, and to encourage them do their best and to work hard, because that will make all of our futures better.  Those in the military choose to serve their country in much the same way, as do public employees (police, firemen/women, etc) serve their communities. We receive respect because what we do deserves respect and when we fail we lose that position of trust and respect accordingly. Shouldn't the same be expected of Congress, the public employees whom we've chosen to represent us in rule and order? Congress represents the people and should be examples of and live what they promote for all. I'm asking that balance and fairness be applied to what our leaders enact and what the people they represent receive.

An example of the unequal balance between what applies to our Congressmen and women and the rest of the citizens serving our country: retirement in the military, in public education, in public positions such as firefighters, police and medical are based on years of service and then only after so many years (20+) and often at 50% of their last year(s) of salary. The same should be true of those in Congress who today are given full retirement pay after only serving one term.

Medical coverage for those serving our nation in Congress should be the same as those serving our nation in the military and why not have them use the same facilities too! Shared use will create knowledge and understanding of what the people they represent have and keeping them in touch with what is really going on in their country, not just in D.C.

Forcing laws such as "No Child Left Behind" and offering no support to make sure each child is educated equally, in funding and with qualified and highly skilled teachers, yet cutting funding for any failure to follow their dictates does not make a better school. It's just bullying and strong armed tactics on its own people. Congress expects this to force better schools, yet congress has changed less in the last century and is becoming more and more dysfunctional. They need to look at themselves as an example first before trying to change other institutions. Does education need change? Yes, but a dysfunctional organization like Congress cannot make another organization work better until they effect change within themselves first.

If Congress gives themselves a pay raise or benefits but does not do the same for federal employees and military, they are not thinking of the greater good, but only of themselves.  Let's make sure they get only what they deserve as we all work hard and deserve equal treatment. 

The original Amendment wording in quotations is not mine, and the author is unknown to me, but I believe they are right and I choose to carry forth this message of equality. If the politicians truly represent the people of their state and of their country, then they need to meet the same expectations.




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