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Equal Rights for the Bovine Community

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For too long cows have been pushed off to the side. Today, we shall take a stand. We want to achieve complete equality between the Human and Bovine communities of the world but only YOU can make this possible. PLEASE help us bring Bovine equality to the attention of our ignorant politicians. Let the maljustice against the bovine community finally come to an end, once and for all. By signing now, you can stop the daily pain and suffering that the mistreated cow community experience. Let us show the world that bovine lives matter. Over 41 million cows are killed each year (according to an Animal Equality report in 2000). They have lives too. Don't let the cruelty towards cows carry on. If you don't sign and share this page, millions of cows will continue to be abused and slaughtered for their meat. So please sign and share this page, and give this worldwide issue the attention it requires. 

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