Equal Protection Legislation -Reform the Illegal use of Homeland Security Technology

Equal Protection Legislation -Reform the Illegal use of Homeland Security Technology

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The Rev. Doctor Angela M. Battle, Pastor started this petition to USA Congress and

June 18, 2021

Equal Protection Legislation

The purpose of this petition is to request your electronic support in the moving forward with legislation to reform the illegal use of Homeland Security Technology and Bioterrorism and to give protection to United States American citizens on United States of America homeland against law enforcement that have access, authority and privilege to use Homeland Security Technology and Bioterrorism illegally.  This is about human rights and Constitutional Protection. A select few that have access to Homeland Security Technology and Bioterrorism used and abused their position to retaliate against United States citizens.  We are asking for an investigation and the recommendation to make policy to prevent this abuse of power in the future.


The Goal:

1. To reform the illegal use and abuse of Homeland Security Technology and Bioterrorism capabilities.  

2. To have a process for reporting the misuse/abuse and create a safety net forprotection victims.  (Right now if you go to the local police, they cannot help you.) when someone who has access to Homeland Security Technology uses it against American citizens.

3. To publicly expose abusers/ violators in order to deter future abuse/misuse of powerful Homeland Security Technology and Bioterrorism capabilities against innocent Americans citizens. 


For and on behalf of Equal Protection Legislation

Issues: The issue is to request a formal investigation into the policy, protocol and practices of the use of Homeland Security Technology and Bioterrorism in the State of New Jersey regarding the incidents stated and to develop legislation so this will not happen again. It is understood that entities receive funding from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), the Transportation Trust Fund (TTF), and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for technology.  All of these agencies have policies and procedures that Statesshould adhere to pertaining to Equal Employment clauses and investigations in order to receive funding.  


Some of the illegal technology uses:  Telephone surveillance, blacking/tampering with computers/laptops, checking and tampering with financial information, tampering with utility bills, credit card account, DMV with false tickets and warrants, tampering with medical, social services and other electronic billing. Rovering wiretaps, secret searches, email blocked, computer files deleted, computer intrusion program for credit card and accounts. American tower revolutionize wireless infrastructure inspection by integrating drone technology and AI powered analytics.  Precision Hawk Drone has the ability to deliver unparalleled data. These are things that can be done to an individual and how they can retaliate against you.


The new law should provide oversight and screen agents before allowing people in this type of position because having access, authority and approval gives some “the god like syndrome”.   The purpose of Homeland Security was to coordinate and direct anti-terrorism efforts at home.  We have racism that has infiltrated the system and we now have domestic terrorist strategically placed in it. The federal government is supporting domestic terrorism without knowing it. We are articulating this new reality.   


Research Organization:  US General Accounting Office should be involved and track how the money moves.  The public needs an advocate.  Records need to be opened to independent researchers for example for example UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute. If 22-23 percent of United States adults have mental disorders, how many or what is the percentage of them working in or in decision making for Homeland Security?  Suggestion:  The Federal government should do a study on Homeland Security personnel with mental illness or who is bias.  By 2000, mental health has 55 million enrollees.  How many are involved with Homeland Security?  Institutional racism is on the rise and organizations may be run by people with mental disorders as well. 


Equal Protection Policy Request: We thank you for your review of our request.  We are please to inform you that we have attached the following link to Facebook or Youtube if you want to more details.  It is a seven page document entitled Homeland Security Technology & Bioterrorism Legislation. 


All responses will be sent directly to:

The Honorable Adam Smith, Chairman

House Armed Services

Cyber Security & Information Technology

2264 Rayburn Office Building

Washington, DC 20515

Office: 202.225.8901

Email: adamsmith.house.gov


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