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NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT, we NEED TO COMPEL OUR GOVERNMENT TO CRACK DOWN on  these Temporary Placement Agencies.  It's getting out-of-hand. How many peeps do you know that are still an agency employee despite the amount of time u/they have worked in that capacity, or making less $ doing the same job as a direct hire. Personally, I've signed with at least a dozen over the years; NEVER hired directly, NEVER received any help with resume or cover letter ????? . In fact, I've only worked a handful of the jobs I actually applied for. And where is all that employment information now - floating around is cyber space for any creep to exploit??  This is an election year - JUNE 7, 2018

"This information sheet gives a summary of the Employment Standards Act, 2000 (ESA) rights for assignment employees of temporary help agencies. The ESA is a law that sets minimum standards in most Ontario workplaces, such as the minimum wage, limits on hours of work, overtime pay, vacations, and unpaid leaves from work for certain reasons......".

This is part of the EMPLOYMENT STANDARDS ACT. The point is, this legislation is vague and outdated. These agencies are growing in numbers, as well as ridiculous, self-serving purposes.   There are agencies that RECRUIT an employee for a client, and the client (company) hires. It serves the purpose, employee is treated like everyone else employed by the company. Everybody wins.

However, there are agencies that profit from having clients and also profit from every hour that every employee earns. In most cases, those employees remain in that capacity far too long. There are agencies that entice employees with "great opportunity" , only to sign them up and offer what's AVAILABLE. It's an on-going merry-go-round.  

Stricter regulations and enforcement procedures NEED to be in place. Hold these out of control agencies accountable for their objectives and purposes. Stop allowing them to take advantage of workers. Regulate, and enforce the number of hours agency allowed to "represent" employee. Give us working stiffs a fair chance for full-time + benefits. 

 For years it has been one-sided, and the only ones "living the dream" or even a comfortable, well-balanced  life, are the agency owners.

Please VENT YOUR CONCERNS, sign and LET'S BE PART OF THE SOLUTION, instead of stuck in the problem. 




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