Equal Parenting

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Non Custodial Parents who are active in their childrens lives do not have the same rights, representation, consideration as custodial parents in the taxing system, or famiy court in these present days. Title of Bill:Equal Parenting   Non-custodial Parental necessities consist of some form of tax deduction that benefits the income of that parent, a system that enforces accurrate and timely updating of payment transactions; the creation of a national (federal) system that audits the child support agency because the penalties for people who have not paid are severe.                   Preamble: Currently noncustodial parents have minimal or no rights concerning the children they desire to raise and care for in the court system. Parents that are participating in the rearing and care of their children are often times left few mandatory federal laws that govern the actions of custodial parent’s purposeful damaging actions to the children and all other participating parties. An example of this behavior would be destruction of character, or prevent involvement in the children’s lives. The parental parenting plans often will not accommodate the parties involved totally. Usually the mothers of the children have the advantage of the court, law, and police. The legal system now has to reflect a non-sexist system. The cost of attending multiple court hearings for the average single noncustodial parent is not with in the financial means of most persons. Also the tax system is not providing any form of deductions, and or benefits for noncustodial parents; like being able to claim any children on your taxes if they do not maintain a permanent address in your home when they receive a large portion of the income. Also, the income given out often time is not used to the benefit of the children. There is no clear defined enforcement toward custodial parents when they abuse their position as parents without tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees. These matters should be concrete law.       1.      Non-custodial parents ask for tax laws that benefit the parties that willingly pay child support. Remove the need for a living situation of six months or more to claim children that are biologically proven to be, also an EIC (Earned Income Credit that is applicable to salary, the higher the salary the lower the EIC.)   2.      Non-custodial parents also ask that contempt charges become cheaper to file in the system with swifter response.   3.      Non-custodial parents ask that the child support system becomes a federal branch with a checks and balance system.   4.      Non-custodial parents ask that child support only be enforced with jail time only in instances where clear neglect is present.   5.      If there is a time period of unemployment or inability to work occurs due to reasons out of the normal persons control interest should not be attached to any past balance, and the due account should be held at its current status until an income is generated.        

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