Equal Parental Responsibility Act

Equal Parental Responsibility Act

June 5, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Teah Deen

I say Act because we need to hold fathers accountable and responsible for choices not made alone.

I say Father's because that is why this has made it personal to me. I struggle everyday because they could just walk away.

This abandonment should be criminally enforced evenly, because you can't just abandon your child. There is a system in place here already but DNA needs to be collected before the child is born for "responsibility".

Equal Parental Responsibility Act; <my idea

 I'd say act because we need to hold parents accountable and responsible this isn't just for mothers but for those people that have child support ordered but never receives this support. This will address the absent parent abandoning the child before birth/or after. FL. Law States that if a mother is unwed she is the only responsible party of the child until DNA proves paternity.  Even after the father has been proven the state does not criminally seek or go after this order of child support for Enforcement.

 Which means the father cannot be charged with  Abandonment criminally.

 As it stands right now only a mother can only be charged with abandonment criminally.

 How the Fl. Law is written the mother is left with the child alone and solely responsible and this is unfair. Just as if a father that is wanting to be active in his child's life has to fight in court to prove paternity is unfair. And until then he has zero say.

Yes most of this system already does exist but is failing children fathers and mothers alike.

 My idea is to change the few steps at birth. One; for record sake

Two; the responsibility of the child.

Fathers only get a few options regarding their children, child support or signing your rights over and this needs to be a last option because you both knew the possibility of your choice was for it to result in having a child/children.

 Possibly, As soon as pregnancy is recorded through a medicaid or any insurance, DNA for possible fathers needs to be requested. PERIOD!

Then DNA needs to be ran through all state DOC DOT... etc all databases available to the state.

 If to no Avail no match the mother is held responsible for the child, but all attempts to establish DNA before 2 years of age must be done.  Just as Florida state law States these are to be filed with haste.

 Florida's definition by law of abandonment is if a parent has failed to establish or maintain a substantial and positive relationship with the child. This should not have a favor to which sex. Equal.

 If this definition is to be taken literal why are fathers/possible father's not allowed to be criminally charged for not complying with DNA enforcement?

This court order now, is not criminally enforced. So officers, law enforcement officers on the ground are causing a delay for these cases. Why because it is not treated as a warrant and not being filed.  Taking several years because of dna..

 But with The Equal Parental Responsibility Act, and with substantial evidence this should be enforced like a federal loan/warrant. This should hold enough weight for him to be booked for 24hrs/DNA process' then released after a first appearance and judge to determine where and how child support is to be request..

 Child support should be requested when one parent has abandoned their child giving an even plain field so instead of 50/50 it's really 100/100.

 Department of Revenue (DOR) will then be able to work with The Department of Children and Families (DCF) and with connection of Child Support Enforcement (CSE).

These enforcement systems are already in place but failed to work together. Florida law States that these case's are to be filed with haste.... but again take several years because DNA and establishing paternity is a choice.

 This choice ultimately hinders the child's individual development because of a lack that is often created. MALE OR FEMALE.  That lack could come in the form of a restriction of hours work, Restriction in time spent with the child, the babysitter's availability, or simply the pause of education of any kind.





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Signatures: 67Next Goal: 100
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