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Equal Child Support

Many women and chidren (sometimes fathers) find themselves impoverished or struggling because the cost of providing for a child is so enormous. Many women (men) either recieve the minimum because the noncustodial parents refuses to work, or the noncustodial parent makes a good living and the custodial parents gets a third of the parents gross income. Both is unfair, and neither is in the best interest of the child. My proposal is to make child support soley based on the care of the child. Child support should be an equal shared. Each child individual should have enough child support provided to them for them to be able to recievee the necessary care and material to make them well-rounded. Child support shouldn't be based on the income of either parent, instead the need of the child. Income consideration should be dealt with betweeen the parents and extracurriculum activites, and everything else not immediately essential to the child should be considered after initial support, also child support should be determined based on the age of a child, because infants cost more than pre-teens, and teenagers cost more than toddlers.

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