Make Doug Ford and Stephen Lecce write the EQAO Math Test

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O. Reg. 271/19: PROFICIENCY IN MATHEMATICS under Ontario College of Teachers Act, 1996, S.O. 1996, c. 12, makes attaining a 70% on a math exam mandatory for all teacher candidates on Ontario. If forcing a prospective high school art teacher to prove their proficiency in calculus (while, coincidentally, helping fund the $140,000/year salary of EQAO CEO and Doug Ford crony Cameron Montgomery) is apparently necessary to ensure higher student scores on the Grade 6 EQAO math test, it must be just as important for the people in charge of education for the whole province.

Therefore, we demand that both Premier Doug Ford and Stephen Lecce write the new EQAO math test for teachers, demonstrating subject mastery and achieving a grade of at least 70%.

And we want them to do it on camera. Just so we know that they're not cheating.

If either fails to achieve this grade, they should resign. It's only fair!