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@EPN Mexico Needs a #VictimsMemorial

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A community of Mexican artists and intellectuals are requesting the creation of a victims memorial at the "Estela de Luz", a monument plagued with corruption which was meant to commemorate Mexico's Revolution & Independence. The Peace Movement wants the monument to be given new meaning and turned into a place to honor, document and remember the more than 70,000 dead, 250,000 displaced people fleeing the violence and over 20,000 missing. 

This tragedy is the clearest international evidence of the failure of the war on drugs declared over 40 years ago and the #EsteladePaz memorial would be a way to remember the humanitarian tragedy it unleashed, demand justice and clearly state that you wish to end drug policy related violence that is deeply hurting Mexican society. 

Mr. President Enrique Peña Nieto, on the 9th of January 2013, at the official residence of the executive in Los Pinos and during the ceremony where you announced the publication of the General Victims Law, the poet Javier Sicilia delivered by hand a document on behalf of the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity (MPJD). In it, the Movement requests that the monument known as the "Estela de Luz" (Wake of Light in Spanish) be given a new meaning so that it may become the Memorial for the Victims of Violence in Mexico known as the "Estela de Paz" (Wake of Peace in Spanish).

The reasons for the request are deep. The "Estela de Luz", as you and the Mexican people know, never fulfilled the purpose for which it was intended. It was born under a six year term of death, violence and impunity. It was built corruption and illegality; its meaning never became the celebration of 200 years of our Independence nor 100 years of our Revolution. Far from being a legitimate reference of a shared identity and the desires of social justice that 2010 evoked, it became a motive of mockery, ridicule and humiliation; a slap in the face to a nation that must be washed by giving new meaning to it.

We believe that the most dignified way of doing so is, as proposed by the MPJD, to turn it into a place where thousands of victims of violence in our country can not only be recognized and remembered with dignity, but also find solace in a cultural center where the culture of peace may live and flourish. You, Mr. President Enrique Peña Nieto, have honored justice by enacting the General Victims Law. 

We ask of you now to honor our memory and culture, which are forms of truth without which justice will never be and peace will never find it its way. We urge you and the political forces you lead and the educational and cultural institutions you run to embark in the collective construction of the memory and peace that we owe ourselves and we owe to the victims of this bloodied and torn nation, in the development and spreading of a new national culture.

Signed by:

Gael García Bernal (Actor), Alejandro González Iñárritu (Film Maker), Juan Villoro (Writer), Alfonso Cuarón (Film Maker), Diego Luna (Actor), Enrique Krauze (Historian), Daniel Giménez Cacho (Actor), Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas (President Foundation for Democracy), Carlos Bolado (FilmMaker), David Huerta (Poet), Ignacio Solares (Novelista), Axel Arañó (Architect), Ilse Salas (Actress), Elsa Cross (Poeta), Pura López Colomé (Poet), Alberto Darzón Israel (Scientist), Marco Antonio Campos (Poet), Alberto Kalach (Architect), Sergio Aguayo (Political Analyst), Jorge Moch (Political Cartoonist), Julio Hubard (Poet), Alberto Blanco (Poet), Tómas Calvillo (Poet), Jorge Ruiz Dueñas (Poet), Humberto Beck (Writer), Javier Sicilia (Poet), Tiaré Scanda (Actress), Luis Javier López Farjeat (Philosopher), Ethel Krauze (Writer), Eduardo Vázquez (Poet), Verónica Murguía (Novelist), Francisco Rebolledo (Novelist), Sophie Alexander-Katz (Actress), Jorge González de León (Poet), Francisco Torres Cordova (Poet), EnziaVerduchi (Poet), José Ramón Enriquez (Playwright), Pedro Serrano (Poet), Jorge Esquinca (Writer), Carmen Boullosa (Poet), Fabio Morábito (Writer), José Luis Valdés-Ugalde (Politica Analyst), Josu Landa (Poet), Ana Castaño (Poet).

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