New Update puts Talent to waste

New Update puts Talent to waste

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Luna Lotus started this petition to

We love you episode but we don’t love the Update.

As you all aware of what’s going on about the update that now in the community stories, once you’ve reached a particular number of episodes like if you’ve read 10 episodes, they will give you an option, something like this, “The remaining chapters of the story aren’t available to read for free, spend gems to support the author and read the next chapter" So basically tickets won’t matter. 

I believe authors should be able to choose or we should have the ability to reward writer if we want rather than forcing it upon many. As reading something that has pay can be off putting and it’s even worse for the writers as putting the time and effort into writing just for others and also for the episode app can be very annoying for it all to end with ppl not reading it because of a silly gem pay. I believe it limits talent and others to express themselves as not only writer but also artists and reviewers. As a community we should do something to make everyone’s effort and talent worth it while we can. Many feel as though they will not be able to read stories the same way they used to and it really does make us as a community upset not being able to enjoy the app we love and use the most. As well as the app have a age rating of 13+ those of 13-18 will not be able to buy gems or afford them all the time. Please take this into consideration. We need to appreciate authors and artist through examining their work and also praise them but this update prevents us. Together we can make a change and save the talent that may be thrown away due to this update. “We gave the gems to support authors and not for episode’s greed”

Another reason of this update being a huge problem is not just authors and artists that will be affected. It’s also that many readers and viewer of this app will be lost in a sense of business wise. This is just a sense of thought from a business perspective. Due to opinions and chats that have been discussed on the forum many believe they will stop using the app if this update does occur this means that you will loose loyal costumers and make you vulnerable to your competitors such as Wattpad  and Choices etc. However knowing how understanding and caring you are towards your customers you are we hope you here our request and don’t twist our intentions. We are not starting a rebellion but we just want our voices to be heard. Another downside it that if you continue with the update you target costumer will no longer be of 13 + as many will not be able to afford it and it will rather be 17+.

Here are some solutions to make both parties content :

  • Episode should give out more chances to earn rewards etc.
  • We should able to give out gems to authors if we want
  • Authors should receive those Gems 
  • The gems that are received by the author can be gifted to other users who may have put effort into the story such as proofreader etc.
  • Episode Passes should be continued in order to read the stories 
  • Gem should not be used as passes and rather reward 

(If any more suggestions from other episode users contact me on the forum these are just suggestions)

We as users should have the right to speak out about what we love and don’t about the app as we put in effort as creators to make sure episode is enjoyed and this new update snatches not only the communities ability to make sure everyone recognises their talent or sees it but also snatches away Episode users and costumers as a whole. We understand on a business level it does seem to be the right decision to gain profit but not many people support the idea meaning this will be a sufficient loss if this update is put in place.

This is no way a hate toward the app however a request. By many people signing this we can make it better and influence more to use the app. We as a community make sure our voice is hear to make Episode the best app it can be.

Please support this and share this to many xxx ��

# Luna_Lotus (Episode User) Contact if any ideas or changes that you would like to make or even suggestions. 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!