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We know how much Brendon Urie likes Fortnite, he is doing this great thing for people where he streams almost everyday while playing Fortnite on twitch and all the subs and donation to his channel go to charity ( )

While playing he gives time to his fans, gives advices, love and support to people who might be alone in this period. Brendon decided to do this because he loves hanging out with fans, he loves playing fortnite and combining both he can do something greater, raise more money for charity so people in need can be helped.

The fans believe that he deserves a skin in fortnite since he plays it so much, and kinda promotes the game to all of his fans/sinners/vros. (infact i started playing bc he introduced it to me). if you (epicgames) could make this happen we (the fan) would be very thank ful, and Brendon would probably cry from happiness (because he is a cutie).

I tried reaching out to epic games via email but i never received any answer, i tried asking people how to make this happen but no one knew. I guess a petition is the only way to reach epicgames.

much love, @urie.facts (on ig) and the fandom.

the image is from @chloegames on yt 

[also i almost completed the 13 missions to get the season 8 pass, fortnite ;) ]