Epic please fix weapon switch delays.

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             We all know what this previous patch has done to fortnite. Epic added weapon delays to all shotguns, RPGs, snipers and anything that has a slow rate of fire in an attempt to nerf the double pump which in return has dropped the skill ceiling and ultimately ruined the pace of the game. TSM Myth recently shared his thoughts on this update and it is not the opinion we all would have hoped, which leads us to believe that this update may be permanent.

              This update has severely dropped the skill gap, there are no fast snipes, there are no edit kills, there are no flashy plays. everything is stale and confrontations are the same.

              Since most of the big streamers (and those with big followings) have said nothing, now is our time to come together as a community and save Fortnite.
I've put together my complete thoughts on why this update is bad for the community and the game as a whole if you'd like to watch. Click Here

Please revert the update or make the delay only affect guns of the same weapon class. ie: RPG to RPG, Pump to Tac, Pump to Pump.

Please sign and help save fortnite. THANK YOU!