Revert Shotgun Change In FortniteBR

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We need to revert the newest shotgun changes that were made to Fortnite. In my opinion, if you have the skill to double pump or "pump-heavy" you should be able to utilize that skill.  The new change has made the Pump Shotgun and Tactical Shotgun almost unviable, Resulting in a META shift to SMG's and miniguns.  I feel Epic Games is taking the wrong path with this change as well as the change to materials (giving an even bigger buff to SMG's. 

With all of this said please sign this petition to have Epic Games hopefully see this and reconsider the changes made to their beloved Battle Royale.

Lastly, the changes I believe should be applied to Fortnite are a "Materials Buff" and mainly to reinstate "The Ability To Switch To And From Shotguns With The Old Delay".